"hei solar light™" sets the first step into the spanish market.

Presentation at the EU PV-Exhibition in Valencia


(21.07.2008) - hei solar light™, an extraordinary symbiosis of potentionally design and unique PV technology will be shown for the first time at the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Exhibition (EU PVSEC) in Valencia. The revolutionary concept of the young Viennese company HEI sets new aesthetic and technological standards for independent PV lights. The lamp’s body combines outstanding design with extraordinary photovoltaic technology. Dr. Dieter Hornbachner, HEI CEO: "Our lamp unites design and functionality. The advanced technology offers new possibilities for the design of a new generation of solar lights.”


hei solar light™ is the first step into a new era in the field of solar lamps," says Hornbachner convinced. "hei solar light™ is the first light, that is operable during wintertime and bad weather conditions. The light opens up new perspectives for the design of public and private areas. hei solar light™ corresponds to higher design standards as well as to the growing environmental awareness of our society, "says Hornbachner.

Key-element of the technological innovation of hei solar light™ is a cylindrically shaped photovoltaic module which results in high energy yields even in wintertime with weak daylight. The extraordinary concept realizes a harmonious integration of the photovoltaic element into the lamps body and offers at the same time an optimal output during bad weather conditions. "Even on cloudy days the photovoltaic element collects enough energy for the operation during the night. hei solar light™ is the first all-weather photovoltaic outdoor light”, summarizes Hornbachner. Efficient LEDs guarantee best performance. An energy management system integrated into the lamps body optimizes the operation of the light.


From 1 to 4 of September hei solar light™ will be shown at the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Exhibition in Valencia. Hornbachner: “The EU PVSEC is one of the most important exhibitions for the photovoltaic sector. Therefore this event offers a perfect environment for hei solar light™. The relevant target audience will be reached, such as PV-experts and decision-makers for lighting projects, both, nationally and internationally. We want to inspire this audience for our exceptional light concept," says Hornbachner who is confident in a positive run of the fair. Opportunity to view the product Convention & Exhibition Centre, Valencia B2/D24.